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Your mindset for personal training which includes your value system is incredibly important to getting results. An example of that is that you can tell yourself that I can’t be bothered training or it hurts too much or I can’t afford it or a myriad of other excuses. Instead of saying that it hurts too much you could say it as my body changing, and you need some stress for that to happen. Another example is people that saying I can’t afford it might spend $150 on alcohol a week or whatever else so again it is what you value to spend your money on.

So it is as change rather than pain. At Cairns Personal Traning fitsense we will work on not just program facilitation we will also include how to prepare your mind so the training continues and the PT results have longevity. A good personal trainer will not just work on correct form. He or she will also make sure that your mindset is one that benefits you. With 17 years experience, I know I that this is essential. Whether it’s high intensity interval, training or any other fitness training in Cairns you just won’t achieve the same results unless you have what could be deemed a strong mind.

What to eat and my lifestyle

Cairns personal trainer. Ramez Guirguis from Fitsense is 100% pragmatic. When giving you information about what gets real results. Training is 100% necessary to live a healthy life and keeping your biological age younger than your real age. Also what you put into your body makes a significant difference for your overall health and fitness.

If you focus on Mediterranean diet, the science indicates that the people in this region live some of the healthiest lives, because they eat fish, have a variety of vegetables, eat fruit, olive oil, most regions have periods where they don’t eat much e.g. fasting and they may also have a little bit of red wine. And I mean just a little bit.

If you have exercise into the mix and throw in some meditation, you’re most likely gonna be on a good path for a health and fitness.

I have been at Cairns personal trainer since 2009 and have certainly seen the results when clients go down this path in terms of their lifestyle.

PT will keep you accountable and remind you on a regular basis to keep you on track so you obviously get the results you want and once you start seeing the results, then it becomes self motivating.


Cairns HIIT training for real results

HIIT can help to decrease body fat, increase strength and endurance. Fitsense Cairns personal training will improve health outcomes when you can commit to approximately three or four sessions a week. Its main appeal is that it can achieve similar fitness and health benefits in a shorter duration, and that it includes periods of rest. At Fitsense Cairns PT. We are well versed in the science around the benefits and how to achieve those outcomes that are desired.

We cut through the jargon and look at the most up-to-date science regarding how to get the most out of an exercise session, depending on what one wants to achieve. Cairns fitness training is made easy because we are mobile and that way it makes it incredibly convenient and additionally the high intensity interval training session or whatever session that we facilitate that would benefit you can be done at the comfort of your home or wherever you desire.


Motivation is essential to achieving your fitness goals, and a Cairns Personal Trainer will help you do just that!

Motivation is the subject matter today. I have been a Cairns personal trainer for 14 years now, and was a personal trainer in Melbourne for four years as well. To put it simply motivation doesn’t come from thinking about it, but just essentially biting the bullet and starting Personal Traning ,even if you don’t feel like it, it might sound like a harsh process but the motivation then comes from doing the exercise and then your body and mind feels a positive outcomes physiologically and psychologically.

If you wait around for motivation it may never come however if you just start and don’t make excuses for why you can’t start then the motivation will just build.

Cairns personal training is made that much easier because of the climate. When it’s cold and raining compared to the beautiful days we have here it makes getting out and being physically active a breeze comparatively.

The muscles are already warm/body before you even start Fitsense Cairns personal training. I would strongly advise and recommend that even when you don’t feel like it, you still turn up to your sessions as that discipline gets results. Once you can see and feel the results, then the motivation will come from there and then that is in itself self motivating and will keep you going. Start your journey now with the leading Cairns Personal Trainer at Fitsense.





PT Cairns

Fitsense Australia bring to you the leading Cairns Personal Trainer service in the region. We have a unique and holistic approach to fitness and, as a Cairns Mobile Personal Trainer, we come to you wherever you are in the region to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our Cairns Fitness Training is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and because we work with clients individually, we can tailor a package that helps you achieve your goals. We also provide a more strenuous training level with our Cairns HIIT Training which has been important to clients who are interested in competing in triathlons and other events around the country. We are a Cairns PT with an edge on providing a personal one on one approach and have many happy clients that have been working with us for many years.


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