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Evolution and Fitness

The human body is made to move. For many thousands of years, we moved around a considerable amount and had to catch particular animals to eat and collect berries and nuts etc. That took a lot of effort in terms of essentially working the cardiovascular system for example when hunting and running after whatever animal we were trying to hunt and sometimes we have to walk long distances to get water or just move to another area as to not destroy the environment if we stayed in one area for too long.

Through numerous archaeological discoveries, we have realised the people from thousands of years ago didn’t have diabetes, metabolic disease and arrange medical conditions that we have because of our lifestyle now. Now we don’t have to run after an animal so we can eat. We can just walk into Coles, or even just call Uber and not even move from our seat.

We have basically civilised ourselves to death. This may sound gloomy. However knowing this can make you can take action to move more, eat things that you know are real foods and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what they are and move as much as you can and lift as many things as you can and stop taking elevators and escalators and your heart, lungs and essentially every part of your being well, thank you for it.

At Cairns Personal Traning , Fitsense will make sure you’re accountable to exercise on a regular basis and to tick all the boxes in terms of whether it’s high intensity interval training benefits and the benefits you get from strength training. Its a holistic program to get the results at Fitsense. That will make you feel amazing. We are the leading Cairns PT trainers, because we have a hunger for knowledge and pass that on to a clients.

Slowdown strength exercises

A lot of the times when I see people at the gym doing strength exercises, they simply do them too fast. And example of that is if you are doing push-ups and you don’t slow them down considerably then you’re just letting gravity do that work rather than the muscles taking the strain, remember you want to hold that load for as long as you can to add enough stress on the muscles for change/adaptation.

It’s not just about doing the number of reps, for example 20 bicep curls. The way you do it makes a considerable difference. There have been trials where they have had 40 people do a training program for 8 to 10 weeks and then 20 people that did the bicep curls at a rate three times slower got 22% more muscle production.

Fitsense Cairns Personal Training will insure you do the correct technique in the program that’s been designed for you so you get the most out of every session.

Cairns personal training with Fitsense keeps up-to-date with the most current science to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Cairns PT with Fitsense continuously adapt.

The training program as constant change is also imperative for a program that works in terms of getting results and not getting to that stage where you plateau.





PT Cairns

Fitsense Australia bring to you the leading Cairns Personal Trainer service in the region. We have a unique and holistic approach to fitness and, as a Cairns Mobile Personal Trainer, we come to you wherever you are in the region to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our Cairns Fitness Training is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and because we work with clients individually, we can tailor a package that helps you achieve your goals. We also provide a more strenuous training level with our Cairns HIIT Training which has been important to clients who are interested in competing in triathlons and other events around the country. We are a Cairns PT with an edge on providing a personal one on one approach and have many happy clients that have been working with us for many years.


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