Meet Ramez, your mobile personal trainer and get into shape with a range of these workouts
Revolutionising personal training from the comfort of your home, the beach or local park

ZOOM Personal Training

Away from home or currently stuck in quarantine?

Ramez also offers personal training ZOOM sessions. You can organise these from your home or hotel room, all you need is internet access and either a mobile phone or laptop to get started.

This has been a popular option since the year of COVID-19. Personal training via ZOOM helps you stay active and is also great for your mental health by allowing you to still achieve your fitness goals no matter where you are.

Ramez can also provide you techniques to use outside of our ZOOM sessions.

Personal Training

Ramez from Fitsense Australia provides both functional training and high intensity interval training (HIIT). His holistic approach to enhancing fitness incorporates working with weights, boxing (with a focus on pad work), body resistance exercises and more. He will personalise the intensity and program to your goals, age, fitness level and desire.

Pop up training

Follow Fitsense Australia on Facebook for any upcoming pop-up classes and challenges. A great way to get started is to even just come along and watch and get an idea of the style of our training. I’ll be sure to see you at the next class.

Corporate Training

Enhance teamwork and camaraderie by getting on the roster with corporate training. This is an ongoing training regime tailored to your team – establish a schedule that best suits your corporate training group and alternate the number of people per week or fortnight. Promote trust and interpersonal skills. Contribute to a more positive work environment. Increase confidence and self-efficiency. Boost confidence and moral within your workplace thanks to corporate training.

Group Training

Book in your own private group of 4 to 6 people – this is especially popular for groups that wish to organise team building sessions or get together their friends that wish to support each other during their fitness sessions. Ramez will come to you for this group session, you can choose from various locations around Cairns and the northern beaches. From parks to beaches to your home or workplaces, Ramez makes it convenient for you!


About Ramez
Ramez is a fully qualified mobile fitness trainer and comes to you to help achieve your fitness goals.
Ramez has many happy customers. Check out what some of them had to say about the services we provide..
Choose from a range of different fitness packages, all packages are tailored to each individual, couple or group.
Ramez brings to you some fitness and wellbeing tips along with some delicious recipes to enjoy a healthy lifestyle!



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