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Fitness Hours:
Monday to Friday – 5am to 6:30pm
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Ramez understands things can happen in life, circumstances can change and he’s very forgiving when you’re unable to attend an upcoming session.

It is much appreciated that if you do have to cancel a session, if you can provide a days’ notice at which time rescheduling of that session can be made.

Cancellations received on the day of your session booking will incur the equivalent of one session cancellation fee.

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Cairns Personal Trainer
Cairns Mobile Personal Trainer
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Cairns PT
About Ramez
Ramez is a fully qualified mobile fitness trainer and comes to you to help achieve your fitness goals.
Personal Trainer Cairns
Revolutionising personal training from the comfort of your home, the beach or local park.
Mobile Personal Trainer Cairns
Choose from a range of different fitness packages, all packages are tailored to each individual, couple or group.
Fitness Training Cairns
Ramez brings to you some fitness and wellbeing tips along with some delicious recipes to enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

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Fitsense Australia bring to you the leading Cairns Personal Trainer service in the region. We have a unique and holistic approach to fitness and, as a Cairns Mobile Personal Trainer, we come to you wherever you are in the region to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our Cairns Fitness Training is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and because we work with clients individually, we can tailor a package that helps you achieve your goals. We also provide a more strenuous training level with our Cairns HIIT Training which has been important to clients who are interested in competing in triathlons and other events around the country. We are a Cairns PT with an edge on providing a personal one on one approach and have many happy clients that have been working with us for many years.

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