Health and fitness is not just about training...
Ramez shares with you some of his tried-and-true healthy recipes

Q. Is pain in muscles after a workout a good sign?

A. Having pain in your muscles is a good sign, muscle soreness that shows up 1 or 2 days after exercising can affect anyone, regardless of your fitness level. But do not be put off. This type of muscle stiffness or achiness is normal, it doesn’t last long, and is a sign of your improving fitness and making your muscles stronger.

Q: If you suffer from back pain, how can you do HIIT, and will it help?

A: You can still do high intensity interval training (HITT) with back issues. It depends on the back issue. When I’ve had back issues in the past I’ve been able to do some boxing without too much twisting. In this instance I was able to wait till the inflamed area wasn’t inflamed and then could start to progress with more advanced exercises. Doing regular core strength and conditioning work which includes glutes will also assist and be great for your back, long term.

Q. With personal training will I lose weight off the parts of my body I want?

A. In terms of losing weight when you start exercising, there are a few factors that come into play. Firstly, exercise, which is going to burn calories and secondly, the food you eat, which is probably about 80-90% of your food intake making a huge difference to your outcome in the end.

Q: Can regular fitness sessions speed up a person's metabolism? And does that vary based on people's age?

A: Regular exercise can certainly increase metabolism and in particular high intensity interval training is definitely good for increasing metabolism. Some other things that help with metabolism is eating more regularly but smaller portions and also particular foods are good for increasing your metabolic rate. There is a variety of things that can slow down metabolism, age is certainly one of them and stress levels also seem to be a contributing factor.

As well as being passionate about fitness and nutrition, Ramez is also a massive food lover. Like most of us.
I’d like to share with you some of my tried-and-true healthy recipes.


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